David Malar

Judo and Submission Grappling

David Malar, born into an athletic and competitive family, had a successful competitive swimming career prior to discovering the combat sports, and judo in particular. His interest in the combat arts has focussed on using judo for self-defence and mixed martial arts training. David is a dedicated and successful judo and submission grappling coach.

  • Began training in judo in 1989 at the age of 18
  • Was promoted to Black Belt by Judo Canada in 1999; 2nd Degree Black Belt 2009
  • Focus has always been on the full martial arts range of judo rather than strictly competition judo rules
  • Has additionally trained in full contact free-style fighting, and weaponry
  • Coaching since 1996 and founder and head instructor of Kakure Judo Club at the Hamilton School of Martial Arts
  • Holds NCCP Level 2 Judo coaching certification
  • Strong coaching career with students achieving podium finishes and championship titles in judo and BJJ tourneys
  • 2009 Central East Region Master’s Shiai Judo Champion