Judo is the world’s most popular form of wrestling. The aim is to make the opponent fall onto his back. If he falls onto his knees or side, the goal is to roll him to his back and pin him there for 25 seconds without getting twined up in his legs, or to choke or armlock him until he submits.

HEAD COACH: David Malar (2nd Dan Judo.) Founder and head coach of Kakure Judo Club. 2009 Central East Region Master’s Shiai Judo Champion.
ASSISTANT COACH: Christopher Miller (1st Dan Judo.) 2009 Senior International Cup Judo Champion. 2009 Copa Ontario BJJ Champion. 2008 Joslin’s Canadian Open BJJ Champion. 2008 Budokan Judo Champion. 2009 Central East Region Master’s Shiai Judo Champion. 2010 Budokan Judo Champion: 18yrs+. 2010 Budokan Judo Champion: 30yrs+.

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Judo was invented in 1882 by Jigoro Kano, a Japanese educational official and professor of English, to create a modern activity that combines the techniques and skills of traditional Japanese Jiu-jitsu (a hand to hand combat battle art) and Wrestling. It marries traditional samurai values of loyalty, bravery and honour, with the ancient universal athletic values of sportsmanship, courage, and physical fitness. Its two maxims are “MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY” and “MUTUAL WELFARE AND BENEFIT”. Kano was a member of the International Olympic Committee, and Judo later became an Olympic sport. Judo rapidly became a huge success worldwide. This is often attributed to several reasons: its similarity with many folk wrestling styles worldwide; its system of belts that are earned based on one’s skills and devotion to propagating the sport; its proven utility in self-defence and hand to hand combat situations. Soon after coming to Canada, for instance, Judo was adopted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as the base for their hand to hand combat training after a Japanese immigrant (Shigetaka “Steve” Sasaki) trained in Judo beat their best boxers and wrestlers in challenge matches.

Judo remains today one of the noblest and most popular athletic sports and methods of self-defence in the world.

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